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Monday, 14. January 2013

Specialist Curtain Cleaning
By successfulsampl, 14:39

Getting your curtains cleaned by a professional is money well spent!
People who clean curtains are often professional contract cleaners. They understand the difference between a coated fabric and an uncoated fabric and what the outcome of a clean will be. They can advise the client or customer as to the end result of a clean in order for approval of the cleaning method that is recommended. Sometimes customers are even warned that cleaning the item may damage it and so permission is required by the cleaning contractor to allow for the go ahead and so the blame can only be placed with the customer.

To many of us, a curtain is merely a length of fabric that hangs over our windows and something that requires opening and closing. To a cleaning professional, curtains are so much more. Amongst other ways, a curtain can be defined according to how it can be cleaned. Ways in which a curtain will vary in comparison to the next curtain include their fire resistance, noise absorption, and dust retention. Each time a set of curtains is brought into the cleaners, decisions regarding their clean ability are reached based on the type of curtain they are faced with.

A price will then be ascertained and issued to the customer based upon the types of curtain material and the size.

Why should a curtain-cleaning contractor have insurance cover in place?

As with many cleaning companies there is a duty of care in place that the curtains not only will not be damaged whilst in the care of the cleaner but they should also be clean. At times high heats are used for drying and chemicals are used for the actual cleaning a combination of which lend themselves to some horrendous possibilities. There could be a fire in the building and so all the items in for cleaning would be destroyed in either the complete sense or ruined through water and consequential fire damage.

A curtain cleaner is liable for any damage caused to the items entrusted to them. For this reason, it is a matter of good business and common sense to have professional liability insurance in place. Liability insurance is not a cheap product, so you need to get the best value for money when shopping around. Probably the best place to look would be on an insurance price comparison website such as Click Here which shows prices from many different insurance companies.

What if during the cleaning process damage is caused such as shrinkage the curtain cleaner is responsible and could be taken to court to recompense for the ruined curtains.

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